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How to Introduce Your Cat to Its New Apartment in Austin, Texas

Moving isn’t always easy and the same goes for your cat. A new home takes some getting used to for your feline friend, and without the right strategy, your cat may be in for some serious stress. In order to keep both you and your cat happy, here are 3 tips to introducing your cat to your new apartment in Austin, Texas.

Make A Safe Space For Your Cat

As soon you as move, place your cat in only one room. This will allow your cat to slowly get used to one space before he or she explores the rest of your apartment. Inside, give them plenty of food, water, litter box, and some of their favorite toys. Try to make them as comfortable as possible by providing them with some familiar items, such as T-shirt with your odor on it nearby. It’s also a good idea to leave their carrying case open and on the ground so they can retreat inside if they feel anxious.

Get Them Excited About The New Apartment

Once they’re introduced to the new apartment, it’s time to associate everything new with something good. Give them a treat as soon as they arrive and each time they explore a new room. Place some catnip in a trail leading to each new room you introduce them to.

Don’t Forget About Your Cat At Any Point

It’s easy to get caught up in moving and not give your cat the attention it needs. When you first arrive, make sure you periodically take a break to play with your cat or simply pet them for a while. This will help calm your cat and remind him or her that you’re there for them.

Ultimately, with these tips in mind, your cat will slowly feel at home as you both adjust to your new home. Thankfully, 9500 Apartments, located just a few minutes from downtown Austin is a cat-friendly apartment loaded with amenities like private balconies, ample storage, on-site management, and a community pool.