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5 Fun Facts About Halloween

What do you think of when you hear the word, “Halloween”? Do you think about cute tots dressed up as ghosts, princesses and the latest super heroes? Are you eager to shop the Halloween candy sales so you have an excuse to eat your favorites before you hand them out to the kids at your Austin apartment? Add a bit of fun to the holiday by learning the following five fun facts.

1. Jack o’ lanterns were not always made of pumpkins.

If carving a pumpkin into a Jack o’ lantern is one of your favorite parts of Halloween, you might want to skip this fun fact. While it is popular to buy pumpkins to carve today, in the past, people bought potatoes, turnips or beets to carve instead.

2. Dance for your treat.

It is without a doubt that many of Halloween’s traditions originated in Europe. Long ago, Europeans used to perform door to door while dressed up in costumes. Their purpose? To get a treat, of course. Experts think that this is how the United States got the idea for trick-or-treating.

3. Cabbage night.

Did you know that some American towns refer to Halloween as Cabbage Night instead? Framingham, Massachusetts borrowed a fortune telling game from the Scots and turned it into a game of throwing cabbages at the homes of their unhappy neighbors.

4. Find the love of your life on Halloween.

Speaking of fortune-telling games, Ireland has a history of people celebrating Halloween by playing them. Their purpose was to predict who might become their spouse. In that day and age, Halloween was one of the few days were the two genders could mingle.

5. Halloween = Irish.

Irish Celts are widely credited with having traditions that lead to Halloween. In order to appease the ghosts, ancient Celts would leave treats out on their stoops after dressing up.

Did you learn anything from the above fun facts? Now you can be the life of the Halloween party with your newfound knowledge.

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