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3 Fun Thanksgiving Games to Play

Thanksgiving isn’t just about great food. It’s a time for friends and family to come together. And while sparkling conversation, football and the Macy Thanksgiving Day’s Parade on TV are all great, sometimes it’s a good idea to have a few more things planned on the agenda to be assured that everyone has a wonderful time. Here are three fun games to get you started.

Three Games to Play While Celebrating Thanksgiving

Pass the Nut

This is the perfect game to get things moving after the big feast when you want to get the blood flowing, this will get everyone standing and excited, without any danger of pulling a muscle. The participants are broken into two teams, and a sort of relay race is done by moving small objects, like nuts and cranberries, from bowl to bowl with chopsticks.

Mobile Party Games

While we’ve been celebrating Thanksgiving for a long time, there’s no reason not to bring 21st century party games into the mix by involving your smartphone. Games like Heads Up, created by Ellen Degeneres takes a classic party game like “Who Am I” and adds entirely new layers of fun.

The Best

This game is ideal for large groups of people, making it perfect for Thanksgiving gatherings. It’s also lots of fun for families. The point of the game is to compete for inane categories. By choosing the categories, you can determine how much movement is involved in the game or if you’ll need any special equipment. Categories you could choose are tallest thumb or who can sing the alphabet the fastest.

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