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5 Winter Skin Care Strategies You Shouldn’t Be Without

LotionIt’s no secret that winter weather conditions often result in dry skin. Indoor heating plays a part as well. Fortunately, there are strategies available to residents of apartments in Austin, TX, for keeping their skin soft and supple no matter what the environmental conditions are. Following are five ways you can keep your skin smooth and glowing during winter.

Hydrate From the Inside Out

You undoubtedly already know that keeping the surface of the skin moisturized is an essential part of fighting winter dryness. However, it’s just as important to guard against dehydration by drinking enough water, so make certain that your fill on a daily basis.

Exfoliate Often

Dead skin cells in super dry parts of the body such as the upper arms often collect around hair follicles, causing bumpy skin and rough patches. Using a lotion with salicylic acid to keep this from occurring, and use an exfoliating mitt when you take a shower or bath.

Use Nondrying Cleansers

Using body and hand cleansers that don’t contain alcohol or soap helps keep skin from drying out too much in winter. You can also use alcohol-free sanitary hand sanitizers to help keep hands well-hydrated, and always wear gloves or mittens when outdoors in cold temperatures.

Use Lukewarm Water Whenever Possible

Washing your face and hands, showering, and bathing with lukewarm water is far less drying than performing the same activities using hot water. However, few things are better than relaxing in a hot bath at the end of a cold winter day, so add an ample amount of a good-quality bath oil to prevent skin from drying out while soaking.

Moisturize Immediately After Bathing

Slathering on moisturizer as soon as possible after stepping out of the shower or bath keeps precious moisture locked into the skin. At least once per week, use a spa-quality body oil designed to really sink in.

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