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3 Cocktail Recipes to Make for the Big Game

CocktailThe big game is just around the corner, which means that football fans all over the nation will be gathering to eat finger foods and cheer on their favorite team. If you are hosting the party this year, you may want to spice up the party with some fantastic cocktails. Below are just three ideas to get you started.

Sweet Tea Cocktail

If you are hosting a game day party, this sweet tea cocktail is sure to be a score with your guests. This cocktail is incredibly simple to make and only requires a few ingredients. Start by mixing mint, raspberries, cucumber and ice in a shaker, and then add lemonade and sweet tea vodka. After you shake the mixture very well, poor it over ice in a mason jar.

Lemonade Cocktail

Lemonade is a staple at most parties, and this cocktail will be no exception. You can either make homemade lemonade or use a mix, and then simply add your light liquor of choice, such as vodka or gin. It will be a great refresher to keep your guests in the game.

Beer Margaritas

Beer and football go together like a touchdown and a field goal, so why not add a little fun to your party by making some beer margaritas? All you need to do is mix together limeade, tequila, and your favorite beer in a pitcher. Then, poor the drink into margarita glasses that have salt around the rim. Now, you are really ready to support your team.

Regardless of which team you support, having amazing cocktails at your party will make you the winner of the night. If you are looking for a new place to host your party for the big game, take a look at our Austin apartments and call today to see which floor plans are available!