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How Mirrors Can Transform Your Apartment

gallery wallMirrors can be both practical and mysterious. Checking your reflection helps match clothing and they also create amazing illusions. Here are four ideas that may help the residents of 9500 in Austin, Texas, use mirrors to transform your living spaces.

Go Big

Mirrors lend the optical illusion that spaces are larger than their actual square footage. For example, an oversized mirror at the end of a corridor can make that pathway look twice as long. In spaces like the living room or dining room, changing a full wall from white to a reflective surface makes a cozy room appear huge. Strategic use of big, oversized mirrors is all about perception and creating a feeling that you and your guests are immersed in vastly larger spaces. Target your largest walls for the greatest effect.

Mirror Doors

Adding an over-the-door mirror to doors can extend the appearance of the room and be tremendously practical. It provides an opportunity to preview dresses, suits and ties by retrieving them from your closet and holding them up in the mirror. With the mirror only a few steps away, it streamlines the process of getting ready for work, parties and networking events. A full-length mirror of this type can be a dress-up game-changer.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

The artistic repurposing of vintage items can be both environmentally friendly and trendy. Many interior designs feature repainted old picture frames with inset mirrors. They add a splash of color to a room and the mirror adds brightness.

Vibrant Displays

Collectors often enjoy sharing their treasures with friends and family. These rarities may be set out on a table or in a display case. Either way, adding a mirror can really make them pop. Place a mirror under a table display and suddenly it has a new, eye-catching dimension that draws people’s attention. Using mirrors in this way puts your prized possessions on full display.

We hope these transformative mirror ideas inspire our 9500 community members. If you or a friend would like more information about our Austin apartments, call us today!