Austin’s Free Day of Yoga

back yoga poseDating as far back as the Stone Age, the practice of yoga brings serenity and peace to the modern world. More than 36 million Americans practice yoga, according to the 2016 Yoga in America Study.

The reason that yoga is so popular is because it offers numerous benefits for both the body and mind, including pain relief, flexibility, muscle strength, improved posture, better bone health and stress relief. Once you experience the healing power of yoga for yourself, you’ll be motivated to step on the mat every chance you get.

Residents at 9500 apartments in Austin can experience the benefits of yoga—for free. Mark your calendar for Monday, September 4; the 18th annual Free Day of Yoga will take place on Labor Day. Studios all over the area will be offering completely free yoga classes to residents from Austin and the surrounding communities. The classes will take place all day from dusk until dawn.

This event is perfect for beginners that want to try yoga for the first time. As there are more than 100 different types of yoga around the world, it is great to try new practices from time-to-time. The Free Day of Yoga provides an excellent opportunity for experienced yogis to try a new class, studio or teacher. Pure Yoga Texas, Yoga Yoga, Castle Hill Fitness and other businesses are sponsoring this event. Some of the participating studios include Birdsong Bodywork and Pilates, Yoga Sense, SunstoneFIT and more.

The classes are perfect for all ages and fitness levels. There will be a variety of yoga practices to choose from on Labor Day, including:

  • Yoga basics
  • Hot flow
  • Yoga in the garden
  • Tibetan and yin yoga
  • Somatics
  • Sun and moon salutations
  • Unwind with yoga

A kickoff class will take place on Labor Day at 7 a.m. at Whole Foods in downtown. There will be prizes, free snacks and more at the kickoff. Bring your yoga mat and discover yoga on Labor Day. Share this information with family and friends so that they can experience the benefits of yoga, too!

Austin, Texas offers residents so many lifestyle and cultural events throughout the year. For more information about apartments in Austin, call (855) 205-9261 and find out what floor plans and amenities 9500 Apartments has to offer!