5 Ways to Revel in National Dessert Day

cupcakesDesserts are not just for special occasions. There are so many great reasons to eat desserts that there is even a holiday to celebrate the existence of sweet treats: National Dessert Day takes place on October 14 this year. Whether you celebrate it at home, at a local bakery, or with your friends and family, there are a lot of great ways to enjoy National Dessert Day.

Celebrate National Dessert Day

  • Visit a local bakery. Put your money (and your dessert) where your mouth is by celebrating unique, local flavors like dulce de leche, jalapeño strawberry, and cajeta confections to tickle your taste buds and expand your culinary repertoire.
  • Try out a new recipe. Now is the time to search the internet, crack open those dusty cookbooks, or try an old (but new to you) recipe from your great-grandmother. Bring the dessert out at dinnertime or enjoy a little merienda with a neighbor, friend, or child.
  • Have a bake-off competition. Call up your friends or post a Facebook invite. Have everyone make something unique, or try out making the same dessert. Or create a dessert based off of a theme, such as desserts from around the world. Have fun, award prizes, and take lots of pictures.
  • Take your family out to a food truck. Austin is famous for its food trucks. Surprise the whole family after dinner and find the sweetest food trucks. Your taste buds will thank you and your family will remember it forever.
  • Go out to eat. Take your significant other on a date to a restaurant and only order desserts. Try an eclair at a French restaurant, sopapillas at a Tex-Mex restaurant, or a baklava dripping with honey at a Mediterranean restaurant. The choices are endless. Or go out for some delicious gelato and enjoy strolling around afterward.

Whatever you end up doing, have lots of fun, and enjoy this fun holiday. If you are looking for a way to make life a little sweeter every day of the year in your Austin apartment, 9500 Apartments may be the cherry on top! Call us to see what floor plans we have available.